Property Refurbishments in Worthing | Improving the Efficiency of Your Home

It has never been more important to ensure your property offers maximum energy and water efficiency. With many years of experience in the construction industry, Phase One Build knows just how to make domestic and commercial properties in Worthing as efficient as possible. If you have a run-down or ineffective home, property refurbishments are the perfect opportunity to replace and improve systems and features for better thermal insulation and water management. When undertaking loft conversions, new builds or property extensions, our house builders supply modern materials and appliances to maximise the new space as well as existing structures.


Benefits of Water & Energy Efficiency


There are a variety of benefits that energy efficient buildings provide. With thoughtful planning and implementation, our builders help to:


• Improve Indoor Comfort

• Reduce Household & Business Costs

• Minimise the Risk of Moisture Issues (Mould, Condensation etc.)

• Improve Indoor Air Quality

• Increase Resale Value

• Reduce use of Fossil Fuels & Greenhouse Gas Emissions


As well as negatively effecting the environment, inefficient properties can impact the health and comfort of those who regularly use the space. Older buildings are especially prone to poor heat and water management, which is why we recommend property refurbishments if you notice rising running costs or conditions which are not ideal.


In addition, it is important to make sure any property extensions or loft conversions use the most appropriate materials to maximise the efficiency and comfort of new structures.


How to Improve Efficiency


Because we are experienced house builders, we have tons of knowledge about how to maximise efficiency in your property. Whether undertaking new builds, loft conversions or property refurbishments, the key factors to consider are:


• Lighting

• Heating Systems

• Insulation

• Plumbing


With extensive industry contacts, we supply leading modern systems, materials and products which are designed to be eco-friendly.




When working on new builds and property extensions in Worthing, we enforce efficiency right from the beginning of projects. Using cavity concrete blocks instead of regular bricks allows for external wall insulation (EWI) that helps cut bills by up to 40%.


Loft conversions offer an excellent opportunity to upgrade roof insulation, improving the overall thermal efficiency of your home. Likewise, new insulation is a popular feature of property refurbishments.




Modern boilers are much more efficient, so it is worth checking your current system to see if you will benefit from an upgrade. Replacing old pipework and fixtures can increase heat and water efficiency by making it easier for your boiler to distribute heat and by reducing leaks and drips.


Underfloor heating is also an effective way to improve energy efficiency as well as adding comfort to hard floors. This is particularly popular in kitchens and bathrooms and is a perfect addition to property extensions and property refurbishments. Our house builders can advise on suitable options for your home.




Modern appliances, such as washing machines and dishwashers, are generally designed to be considerably more efficient than older models. As part of our extensive services, our builders supply and install ideal appliances to help customers in Worthing get the most from their homes.

If you’re looking for property refurbishments or extensions that improve the efficiency of your home or business, call Phase One Build on 01903 916 584, 07730 006505 or 07938 433186.

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