Property Refurbishments in Chichester | What to Look Out For

Property refurbishments can be significant projects for many home and business owners in Chichester, Worthing and Sussex. They offer a variety of benefits, from improving energy efficiency to reinforcing structural support, as long as work is carried out by trained builders. At Phase One Build, we provide complete services to cover every stage of construction, ensuring each element of your project meets the highest standards. We even offer loft conversions and property extensions as part of renovations to ensure you get the most from your home. On this page, our house builders have provided advice on some of the key considerations to take into account when planning refurbishments.




Subsidence can be a serious issue if it is not sorted as soon as possible. For this reason, it is important to understand the signs of subsidence. Having been carrying out property refurbishments in Chichester and Worthing for many years, our house builders know exactly what to look out for. Phase One Build advises customers on the signs to help you notice potential issues with your building.


For example, big cracks that emerge from smaller ones around doors and windows are a cause for concern. Likewise, cracks larger than 3mm in width on the outside of a property can indicate structural problems.


It is vital to check for subsidence before carrying out property refurbishments or property extensions.


Using Existing Elements


When planning property refurbishments, customers in Chichester often wish to completely remove interior fixtures and features to start afresh, without really considering how existing elements could work for them.


Current features can provide an excellent inspiration for the final appearance of your space. Our house builders frequently find that combining renovations with property extensions or loft conversions is an ideal way to make existing elements work effectively to your needs. If you choose to maintain aspects of your property, we can provide expert services to return them to an attractive and fully functional state.


Existing elements can include:


  • Partition Walls
  • Doors & Windows
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Staircases
  • Skirtings & Alcatraves


The Roof


When undertaking property refurbishments in Chichester, the roof is often an area that customers overlook, but it is a vital aspect of your home or business. Some of the key things to check are:


  • Broken or Missing Tiles
  • Damaged Flashings or Underfelt
  • Worn Pointing
  • Leaking Guttering, Soffits or Fascias


It is also important to assess the condition of roofs when carrying out loft conversions. As part of our complete services our builders provide all roofing work for conversions, including high-quality insulation. We also undertake roofing for new builds and property extensions to ensure structures are secure and watertight.

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