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When carrying out domestic construction projects, our customers in Chichester often wish to remain in their homes while work takes place. Generally, this is not a problem and our house builders do everything they can to minimise disruption and ensure you are comfortable. Loft conversions and property extensions are popular projects among homeowners in Sussex and we have extensive experience working around individual needs and lifestyles. While property refurbishments may be more intrusive, we still do everything we can to make the process as stress-free as possible.


If you choose to live onsite during construction, Phase One Build will work closely with you to fully understand your needs. This allows our builders to thoughtfully plan the logistics of your project around your lifestyle, ensuring your home continues to fulfil your requirements as closely as possible.


As a customer-focused company, Phase One Build takes the following aspects into account when planning and carrying out domestic projects in Chichester and Worthing:


Wellbeing Management


Every member of our team reflects our core company values. This includes placing our customers at the forefront of our work. As such, part of our services involves continuously checking and reviewing your comfort and experience.


We understand how disruptive construction can be, which is why we strive to deliver projects as smoothly as possible. Due to the nature of loft conversions, we can often access the attic from the outside of the property, minimising disruption to your household.


Temporary Amenities


Property refurbishments and property extensions in Chichester regularly include kitchen and bathroom renovations or work to utilities. As such, some amenities will likely be unavailable for a short amount of time during construction.


As professional house builders, we always make sure you have facilities for cooking, refrigerating food and washing clothes. One option is to temporarily move kitchen appliances to another area of the home, so they are still accessible.


If renovating an existing bathroom, we make sure to leave you with a functional toilet at the end of every day.


Your project manager will always be available to answer any queries and to help make you as comfortable as possible during loft conversions, property extensions or refurbishments. As part of our customer-focused service, we leave your home as clean and tidy as possible each day to help minimise disruption.


Isolating Building Work


Wherever possible, our house builders isolate building work to protect the rest of your home and minimise disruption. In the case of property extensions, work is often kept to the ground floor, but this will depend on the type of extension. We lay floor protection and put up dust sheets to protect surfaces and keep homes in Chichester as clean as possible.


For loft conversions, it is usually relatively easy to isolate work to the loft itself, if access is possible from the outside. This prevents builders from accidently spreading dust and debris through the house and we find customers generally feel more comfortable when builders require minimal internal access.


When undertaking property refurbishments, the extent we can isolate work will depend on the extent of renovations.

Get in touch with our friendly team on 01903 916 584, 07730 006505 or 07938 433186 to discuss the logistics of living in your home during property extensions or other work in Chichester.

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