Loft Conversions in Worthing | Is Your House Suitable?

Loft conversions are a hugely popular way for homeowners in Worthing and Sussex to find the space they need in their homes. However, not every property is suitable. Our experienced house builders work closely with customers to determine if a conversion is the best option for your space. If a loft conversion is unsuitable or unlikely to meet your needs, we offer high-quality property extensions in every style as well as property refurbishments to fully maximise existing space. No matter your requirements, we find the perfect solution for each customer. Read on to find out how we determine if spaces are suitable for loft conversions.


Our dedicated builders offer home visits to carry out inspections and assessments of your existing attic space in Worthing. When doing so, Phase One Build takes into account:


Ceiling Height


One of the first steps in assessing the space is checking available headroom. 2.4m is a comfortable minimum from the top of the floor joists to the underside of the ridge beam. However, it is often possible to work with 2.2m and this is the minimum height allowed by building regulations.


It is important to bear in mind that roof insulation and flooring will reduce this height.


In addition, your roof should ideally be at a pitch of at least 30 degrees to provide as much headroom and useable space as possible.


Thanks to the insulation which loft conversions provide, they are an ideal addition to property refurbishments in Worthing. Not only do they increase living space but they improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your entire home.




Like ceilings, staircases for loft conversions must provide a minimum head height. The minimum headroom allowed, measured at the centre of the stairs, is 1.9m.

Building regulations also state that the pitch of the staircase cannot exceed 42 degrees, although there is no minimum width.


We offer a variety of stylish and practical options for conversion staircases. As experienced house builders, we also provide stairs for new builds and property extensions. Please contact us to discover what we can do for your space.


Condition of the Space


As part of attic inspections, our house builders assess the condition of the space. Any signs of disrepair will require remediation before loft conversions can take place. The kinds of problems we commonly uncover include:


  • Timber Rot
  • Broken Tiles
  • Undersized Rafters
  • Mould


These issues are unlikely to prevent loft conversions but they will need addressing prior to work.


Our builders are adept at locating and resolving problems with homes in Worthing, Chichester and Sussex, including structural damage. That’s partly why Phase One Build is such a trusted company for property refurbishments as well as loft conversions and property extensions.




Examples of obstructions include water tanks and chimney stacks. Older homes often have a water tank in the attic as part of the central heating setup, but we can normally move them to a more discreet location.


Although our house builders can sometimes remove chimney stacks, subject to planning permission, it is often better to turn them to your advantage, unless they really block the space. For example, alcove shelving or built-in storage either side are perfect ways to use the space.

Contact our builders on 01903 916 584, 07730 006505 or 07938 433186 for expert advice about loft conversions in your Worthing home.

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